The ultimate house divided: Brother’s former teams go head-to-head at Battle at Bristol

Jason Witten (Left), Shawn Witten (Right), Courtesy AP/Hokie Sports

BRISTOL (WATE) – They are united in their love of football, but what separates two brothers on the sidelines is clear.

Saturday at the Battle at Bristol, a member of the Witten family will be standing tall while the other will feel the agony of defeat. Jason Witten was a tight-end for the Tennessee Volunteers from 2000 to 2003, while Shawn Witten played wide receiver at Virginia Tech from 1999 to 2002

The two brothers never got a chance to face-off on the college gridiron, but both have begun throwing jabs for the current Vols and Hokies, set to square off at the Battle at Bristol. With bragging rights on the line, both will be watching closely and hoping their former team can come out on top so they can start trash talking once the final whistle blows.

“I think he knows the deal. He doesn’t need me to trash talk,” said Jason Whitten. “He knows the Hokies don’t have much of a chance in that one.”

“Tech had a better first game than Tennessee. They struggled quite a bit. They probably should have lost that game to Appalachian State,” Shawn Whitten fired back.

The two brothers grew up in Elizabethton, about 20 minutes from Bristol Motor Speedway. Jason Witten is currently a tight-end for the Cowboys, while Shawn Witten is coaching the next batch of collegiate football hopefuls at Elizabethton High School.

The one the two brothers can agree on is that there will be a real rubbing in depending on who wins the game.

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