State, city announce plan remodel, replace hundreds of Johnson City housing units

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – Wednesday morning, city and state officials announced a major redevelopment that will impact the entire Johnson City Housing Authority System.

The JCHA revelealed a plan to replace 450 units and remodel 306 units throughout the city. This is all made possible through federal tax credits.

The first location to receive upgrades will be the Dunbar community off of John Exum Parkway. Construction is expected to start early next year — possibly in January.

The entire project, renovations and replacements, is expected to be complete within the next decade.

People living in the Dunbar community will have to be relocated before construction can start. News Channel 11 was told there are about a 25 units that are occupied out of the total 38 units in the Dunbar community.

Barbara Bishop has lived here in the Dunbar community for more than a decade. Thanks to federal tax credits and help from the state her public housing community in Johnson City is getting a big makeover.

“I never thought of anything like this ever happening, but now that it is, everybody where i live is happy,” Barbara Bishop said.

Barbara and two other members of the Dunbar community joined city and state leaders as plans for a massive overhaul for the Johnson City housing authority are made public for the first time.

“It is exciting for us at Tennessee housing to be part of what is the largest redevelopment of public housing in johnson city in over 30 years,” Ralph Perry said.

When renovations are finished these homes will be section 8 housing.

“I think modernizing those and building new units that are attractive, that is going to be good for the residents,” Ralph Perry said.

Good for people like Barbara Bishop who can’t wait to see her brand new apartment and re-developed community.


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