Crews complete the Battle at Bristol track to field transformation

BRISTOL , TN (WJHL) – Work on the Battle at Bristol football field began just a few hours after Kevin Harvick finishes his last lap and takes home the win at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Dozens of dump trucks, tractor trailers, and construction workers entered the Last Great Coliseum with one goal: transforming the World’s Fastest Half Mile into a battle worthy football field.

“Working to put the turf in, in less than 7 days to where it’s all safe and playable and can perform well, that’s what we had to do here,” said Astro Turf Director of Construction Mitchell Truban.

Truban said his team began planning this track to field project more than 2 years ago and the tight schedule, and infield layout made the job seem almost impossible.

“The slope of the underground it has over a 3 foot fall in the center….the water coming off the field is easy, how to build that up, it took over 10 thousand ton of stone coming in that’s over 450 truckloads of material coming in within 48 hours,” said Truban.

Despite a one day set back (due to a NRA Night Race rain delay at the speedway), Truban said this project stayed on schedule.

Crews officially finished the field 4 days before the big game.

But the Battle at Bristol, and the ETSU football game on September 17th may not be the last football games played at Bristol Motor Speedway.


Finally, watch the Battle at Bristol on ABC Tri-Cities beginning at 8:15 p.m. You can watch ABC Tri-Cities over the air on 11.2, Charter – Channel 9, DirecTV – Channel 12  and on Dish Network – Channel 19.  Click here to find a full list of where to watch ABC Tri-Cities.
Where to Watch ABC TRi-Cities


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