Conquering Colossus: Up-high look inside the world’s largest center-hung TV display at Battle at Bristol

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – Along with the players, the world’s largest center-hung television display in motor sports history will be at the center of all the action on game day.

The ultimate home theater fitting of its name features four LED screens each of which measures 5′ tall and nearly 63′

A modern marvel and wonder in its own right colossus will be on display for college football’s biggest game, but before the match up between University of Tennessee and Virginia Tech, we conquer Colossus ourselves.

Taking a trip more than 100 feet in the air behind the screens of the world’s largest center hung display, getting a glimpse of the inner workings and preparation before the game.

Along with Go Vision mobile manager Adam Vahl, WJHL photographer Will Morris and reporter Curtis McCloud were lifted high above the track at Bristol Motor Speedway and into the gondola of Colossus.

We went even high a view not many get to see of the Bristol Motor Speedway.

“it is an engineering marvel to get this all lifted up,” Vahl said.

Colossus weighs more than 500 tons. Vahl says this includes more than 400 tons of steel in the four support towers.

Normally it takes about a week to setup Colossus but since race week was so close to the Battle at Bristol game, organizers decided to leave the screens in place.

“Yea, we have been getting rained on all week but the screens have been holding up.”

Each of those four led screens are about 30 feet tall and more than 60 feet wide. The massive screens are key for the Battle at Bristol game

“We are excited to be part of that, all eyes will be on it we are happy and pleased to be able to provide that service for the fans and bring the action here to Bristol Tennessee.”

The screens will be used for fans to watch the Battle at Bristol game and also display the score, giving college football’s biggest game a memorable view from the sky.

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