19 agencies prepare to keep BMS safe for the Battle at Bristol

BRISTOL, TN (WJHL) – With over 150,000 people expected to attend the Battle at Bristol security is on the top of everyone’s mind. 19 agencies from across the region are working together towards one common goal and that’s to keep you safe.

Bristol Motor Speedway’s General Manager, Jerry Caldwell, said its unlike any NASCAR race.

New Time Lapse Video from Bristol Motor Speedway

“With our NASCAR events we are use to major security. This is those same lines and we’ll even be bigger and more intense,” Caldwell said.

Eight entrances will fully surround the Speedway property followed by a new safety feature just in time for the Battle at Bristol.

“Metal detectors, and a lot of law enforcement that will be around for that,” Caldwell said.

Traffic and law enforcement will help drivers navigate the area, Major Tim Eads with Bristol, TN Police said it’s a team effort.

“Different agencies have different and unique resources that they can bring in to an event like this,” Major Eads said.

Along with metal detectors and security checkpoints, additional cameras and K-9 round out the security measures.

Caldwell said have fun at the game but of course be safe.

“You’re going to be making history, but that also means you need to be aware. Have a great time and enjoy yourself, use your common sense, and everybody is going to have a great time.”

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