Church Hill EMS employees hold emergency meeting, worried about getting paid

CHURCH HILL, TN (WJHL) – At an emergency meeting Saturday evening, Church Hill EMS employees voiced numerous concerns to the EMS board and director.

Their main concerns are paychecks and health insurance. Church Hill EMS Director, Fred Arnold recently fired an employee who had voiced to others that the company was in financial trouble.

According to the employees at the meeting, the company has enough money to write paychecks for this week but they’re worried about the coming weeks.


Arnold told News Channel 11’s Justin Soto that whenever the company has had financial trouble in the past they’ve come back from it and this time is no different. He has a meeting with First Tennessee bank on Monday to try and get a six month loan to help him with these financial obligations.

More on this story coming up on News Channel 11 at 11.

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