Locals helping Louisiana residents impacted by flooding

GRAY, LA – With more than 40,000 homes destroyed and 13 lives now claimed, Louisiana residents are in desperate need.

Ridgeview Elementary’s student council decided to help.

“We were just like we need to help them so let’s do something about it,” Vice President Madelyn Hall said.

President Gaven Jones has friends who live in Louisiana.

“Their homes had been lost, their clothes, their shoes, everything they have,” Jones said.

Jones, Hall and other students spent the day gathering toiletries, food and water for flood victims.

“It’s just an amazing opportunity being able to help these people and knowing that is helping us and our community,” Hall and Jones said.

“Being able to give to people at a time of need like this is one of the most fulfilling things that we as citizens can do,” said Assistant Principal Stephan Williams.

It is a thought echoed by the American Red Cross of Northeast Tennessee, who has eight volunteers participating directly in the response and more on the way.

“We have people involved in the feeding efforts, one of the volunteers is down there helping with all of the computers and technology it takes for the American Red Cross to operate,” Executive Director of the American Red Cross of Northeast Tennessee, Glenda Bobalik said. “You know it’s so very hard to get your mind around the large numbers of affected.”

Friday locals came together to support another community in need.

To make a financial donation, visit www.redcross.org or call 1-800-redcross.

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