Inspectors Report: Ferris wheel that dropped girls had worn out rivets

An eyewitness said the ferris wheel car appears to have gotten stuck as the wheel turned spilling three children to the ground. Photo submitted.

NASHVILLE, TN/ GREENE CO. TN (AP/WJHL)–The Tennessee Department of Workforce and Labor has decided to allow Georgia-based Family Attraction Amusement to resume operations in the state– excluding the ferris wheel that dropped three girls to the ground Monday night.

That decision came Firday night. Inspectors hired by the company and Greene county fair found that rivets had come loose on the gondola that was carrying the three girls. That caused the bottom plate to drop down and catch on the wheel’s frame– tipping the girls out.

Inspectors say the wheel was correctly assembled at the site, but it is now being sent back to the manufacturer.

The condition of one of the girls who fell from the ride, 6-year-old Briley Reynolds’, is improving.

Friday Mountain States Health Alliance said Briley is now in serious condition- an upgrade from “critical”.

Her mom told News Channel 11 “she is now off the vent and breathing on her own.” She’s talking and answering questions

Briley’s mother told News Channel 11 when asked how she felt, Briley said her head was hurting- speaking for the first time in days.

The fair and the company have now mutually agreed to terminate the remainder of their contract for rides at the fair.

The Greene County fair is set to close Saturday.

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