Police: Man pulled out gun at movies after child kicked his seat

Courtesy of WCMH

PADUCAH, KY (WCMH) — A man will face charges after he pulled a gun on a family during an argument at the movies, police say.

It happened Saturday during a “Star Trek Beyond” showing at a Cinemark location in Paducah, Kentucky, the West Kentucky Star reports.

Witnesses say the suspect got upset when a child sitting behind him kept kicking the back of his seat. The man then began cursing at the child which led to an argument and physical fight with the child’s father, NBC affiliate WPSD-TV reports.

When it appeared the father had the upper hand, witnesses say the suspect then pulled out a gun and said, “What the (expletive) are you going to do now?”.

People then began running for the exits in fear of their lives, WPSD-TV reported.

The man who brandished the gun was escorted off the property and banned from returning again. Police have not released the suspect’s name, but they said he is from Illinois and will likely face charges.

Those who left the theater were allowed to return to finish their movie.

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