Local delegates react to first day of Democratic National Convention

JOHNSON CITY, TN – One local delegate described the atmosphere at Monday’s Democratic National Convention as optimistic, hopeful, energetic and ready to go.

“It is truly amazing to see Hillary and Bernie delegates here in Philadelphia working together to form a good platform for our party, working together to make sure that everyone’s voice is heard at this convention,” said delegate Chris Ball.

Ball said he thinks his party will come out stronger than ever after the convention.

“We have differences, sometimes on policies, what party doesn’t? But what really determines the character of our party is our ability to work together to unify Democrats from all backgrounds,” Ball said.

Both Ball and fellow delegate Barbara Wagner weighed in on controversy surrounding the DNC chairwoman and her recent resignation.

“I think that maybe her staff made a terrible error in judgment but who doesn’t do that from time to time is my question,” Wagner said.

“Every person is faced with challenges, every party is faced with challenges, this is something that is going to unite us and make us stronger as a party,” Ball said.

Ball shared his message to those watching at home.

“I hope that they get a sense of urgency that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump could not be any different, any more different than they are now.”

He said the Democratic Party is ready to move forward.

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