NCMEC teaming with Boone Police to find missing college student

James Martin Roberts (Source: Boone Police Department)
19-year-old James “Martin” Roberts

BOONE, NC (WJHL) – Boone Police are now working with investigators from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to help locate 19-year-old James “Martin” Roberts. Police say Roberts was last seen in Boone, near the Appalachian State University Campus. A letter was found in his room indicating that he was leaving everyone behind, but made no specific mention of harming himself.

The police and the family said that they know from the content of the letter that Martin was experiencing some challenges in life and may have wanted to escape from his circumstances.

Boone Police Chief Dana Crawford said that, “After a month we began exhausting leads of the possibilities that were likely, so we began to look for the unlikely scenarios. We are always open to new ideas and have sought out other people with experience and knowledge in these types of cases.”

Boone Police Detective Kevin Wilson, who is the lead investigator for this case spent two days with experienced investigators from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). Detectives say NCMEC investigators will be assisting with technical aspects of the investigation.

“While the NCMEC investigators were pleased with the amount of work that we have accomplished, they were able to come up with some new ideas and offer services that we do not have available on a local level. They will offer continual support to our investigation.”- Detective Wilson.

The Boone Police will continue to work hard for the Roberts family. “Three months must feel like an eternity not knowing where your child is at, and if their son is ok.” – Chief Crawford.

Courtesy WJHL. All rights reserved 2016. 

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