Hampton’s Adam Townsend set to fight in China

JOHNSON CITY, TN- Hampton’s Adam Townsend has made a name for himself in the mixed martial arts world, posting a 15-4 professional record. But his next match will be in a place he never expected to fight.

Townsend will be traveling to Beijing, China to compete in Art Of War 18, a four-man MMA tournament on Saturday July 30th. Townsend will face off against former UFC fighter Junior Assunçao in the co-main event at the Olympic Sports Center.

“It’s just a no-brainer for me to take it,” said Townsend. “The money is great and the experience and exposure is amazing too. Not only will it do good for me to go over there and get the win, but getting a win against him also puts me on the next level.”

Though it is an MMA fight, the match will be in a boxing ring, not in a cage like in most mixed martial arts fights.

Townsend got one last workout in Johnson City on Saturday morning with Nate Jolly before his flight to China Sunday morning.

“I get so much support from this area, especially Hampton cause it’s such a small town so I just appreciate all the support that I get around here period,” Townsend said. “I’m going to go over there, I’m going to fight my butt off and I’m going to bring back a win. That way everybody from here knows that you can go do bigger and better things.”

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