Columbus Police Officer hospitalized after biting into glass in sandwich

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — A Columbus Police Officer was hospitalized after injuring his mouth when hit bit into a sandwich that had glass in it.

According to the Columbus Division of Police, at about 2:46pm, Monday, an officer was eating at a Columbus restaurant, when he heard a crunching noise as he bit into a sandwich.

The officer realized his mouth was bleeding and noticed glass in his sandwich.

The officer was hospitalized and medical tests were performed.

Leon Lewis, a manager at the restaurant, Lincoln Cafe at 740 East Long Street, tells WCMH’s Harrison Hove that Columbus police officers regularly support and patronize his business. He says there have never been any incidents at the business since it has been sandwich

“We have a good customer base. The Columbus Police Department supports my business so there are no issues. The Columbus Police Department works well with our business,” Lewis said.

According to an inspection by Columbus Public Health after the incident, small pieces of broken glass were found in a drainboard under a drying track, where clear glass plates were dried. The inspection also notes that several small, clear, glass plates had chips on the rim.

An inspector verified the complete cleaning of the drying rack, which should eliminate the chance of contamination, according to the inspection report.

Police continue to investigate, but said late Tuesday morning that there is no reason to think it was an intentional act.

Lewis said he does not want to say too much before the investigation concludes.


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