Local mother and son share personal memories of Pat Summitt

Bristol, VA (WJHL) – Pat Summitt’s fame had everything to do with her amazing record, but her legendary status seemed to be tied to who she was, a driven winner who inspired even total strangers.

For the players she coached at the University of Tennessee, she was a guiding light and for her fans, she was an inspiration.

“She meant everything.  She, in my mind, there’s nothing she couldn’t do”, said Phyllis Collie. She said Pat was an inspiration to her.

When Collie wrote a letter to Pat Summitt asking her to send her son, Bo, a letter in Iraq, she said she never dreamed she would get a response.

Collie said, “Low and behold, I got this from Ms. Summitt and then I found out that my son also got one while he was in Iraq.”

Landon “Bo” Chapman said when he was handed a letter at mail call while he was in Iraq, he  just couldn’t believe it was from Pat Summitt.

Chapman said, “It was just like, wow.  It’s just so hard to explain that.  To think that someone, all I’ve known my whole life is Pat Summitt.”

Reading from the letter he received, Chapman said Summitt wrote to him, “Just a note to let you know that the Lady Vols are thinking about you.  It is hard for us to realize all that you must go through as you serve our country’s military.”

The fans in Knoxville along with the fans in Bristol remembered a coach and her personal touch.

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