Bristol community offers support to shooting victim’s family

BRISTOL, VA — Thursday marked one week since police said Scott opened fire in Bristol and claimed the life of Jennifer Rooney.

The Bristol community has since rallied around those who called her “wife” and “mom.”

One of the ways the community is showing a very visible sign of support is through a memorial set up on Volunteer Parkway, but it is not the only type of support the people in the area are offering.

“She was always happy, always had a smile on her face, and I can never ever remember her saying a bad word about anybody,” said Rooney’s former classmate Keith Perrigan.

As part of the community that was so impacted by Rooney’s life, Perrigan is now trying to make an impact on the lives closest to hers.

“We came up with the idea of establishing a GoFundMe account to try to help offset some of the costs her kids will have when they go to college,” Perrigan said.

Perrigan and several of Rooney’s other high school classmates wanted to help her family, and he said he is not surprised by everyone else who wants to help too.

“David Rooney and the family – they were a big part of Stryker and still are – and just to be able to give back to them, I mean we consider them family, just to be able to give back to them, it makes us feel good,” said family friend and owner of Stryker Martial Arts Academy, Chris Massie.

Massie will hold an active shooters gun defense seminar at Stryker Martial Arts Academy in August, and the proceeds will cover the Rooney children’s back-to-school costs.

“That’s going to go to a good cause,” Massie said. “Because you have to know this family, this family is an amazing family and I can’t even start to imagine what they’re going through.”

A fund is also in place to help Jennifer Rooney’s family. New People’s Bank located on Linden Square Drive in Bristol, Virginia is accepting donations, as well as any other People’s Bank in the Tri-Cities.

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