After their story aired, community steps up to get tree off home of two elderly sisters

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL)- Two sisters trying to cope with the aftermath of last week’s severe storms have a lot of people to thank Thursday.

Hours after we shared their story Wednesday night at 6 p.m., News Channel 11 received dozens of calls and messages from people who wanted to help remove two trees that fell on the twins’ home.

People showed up to their house, got the tree off the house, and are expected back to finish cleaning it up Thursday night.

The sisters said this was an unexpected act of kindness after a tree service told them it would be more than $5,000 to get the tree off, something they said they could not afford.

“I didn’t even realize there was this many people who would offer to help like that,” Loretta Williams said.

On Wednesday these two sisters say they were at a loss. Two trees fell on their property, one on their house, from their neighbor the Johnson City Country Club, leaving a hole in their roof. Williams said the country club’s insurance said it’s not their responsibility, and her insurance said she has to get the tree off before they will do anything.

On top of that, Williams suffers from kidney disease and couldn’t get her car out to get to doctors appointments.

But after their story got out, “We was overwhelmed cause here come all these people you know wanting to help,” Gretta Blevins said.

For these 70-year-old twins Gretta and Loretta, this help was an unexpected blessing.

Now the tree is off the house and they have their car back.  “We was grateful to get that car out,” Blevins said. “In case we need to go to the doctor,” Williams added.

And while we were there Thursday more people showed up to help, not only willing to remove trees but fix the hole in their roof.

“How am I going to thank all these people? I’m really grateful for everybody,” Williams said.

Dozens of people have called and messaged us offering to help these sisters. They are so thankful for the kindness this community has showed them and at this time they say they’ve got the help they need.

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