Elizabethton man nearly struck by tree

ELIZABETHTON, TN (WJHL) – An Elizabethton man says he is lucky to be alive today after a tree came crashing down onto his F street home.

Powerful storms ripped through East Tennessee Friday evening killing three people. Two in Carter county and one in Knox county.

“It knocked me backwards about halfway across the room, I don’t know if that’s shock myself or whether the force of it did but I couldn’t believe it,” Jerry Brown said.

When the storm started Brown was looking out his living room window when he suddenly saw something falling towards his home.

“That tree came down and broke through the window right in front of me,” Brown said.

His front yard is now in shambles after a nearly 200 year old tree crashed down on his home.

“I’ll probably be finding pieces of glass for months,” Brown said.

With little damage to the interior of his home he says he is lucky to be alive.

“If the limbs had been just a little bit longer they would have hit me pretty hard,” Brown said.

Saturday morning, debris was still scattered throughout F Street as the neighborhood continues to clean up what the storm left behind. 3500 people in Elizabethton remain without power.

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