Speeding concerns on East Main Street in Johnson City, police monitoring area

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – For more than a year now, John Armstrong and his wife Pamela have witnessed drivers speeding past their home on East Main street in Johnson City. Going well above the posted 30 mile-per-hour limit.

“I hear tires squealing and stuff everyday,” John Armstrong said.

Monday wasn’t any different. We tracked drivers ourselves using a radar gun we bought online. We even caught a few city sanitation trucks,  which Armstrong says, speed the most.

“If one of these trucks loses control, there is nothing going to stop them from going through those houses,” John Armstrong said.

Our radar gun picked up a lot of drivers going more than the speed limit including four trash trucks. The fastest driver we clocked was 55 miles-per- hour in that a 30 mile-per-hour speed zone.

Johnson City police are aware of speeding  and other traffic violations that occur in this area and have recently set up traffic patrol units in this area to monitor drivers.

Lieutenant Mitchual Perry says on Holidays like July Fourth, there are more officers on the street to help deter speeding.

“They are there to protect the motoring public from people who are causing safety hazards by exceeding the speed limit,” Lieutenant Perry said.

Back in April JCPD launched a distracted driving campaign which includes cracking down on speeding throughout the city. We learned Monday that this area on East Main street is a particular concern for not just speeding but texting while driving.

“If somebody loses control right here, they are right in their living room,” John Armstrong said.

Still, John and Pamela watch and hope from their front porch that drivers will slow down and consider the impact they could have should an accident happen.

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