Ex-governor Bob McDonnell praises Supreme Court ruling

WASHINGTON (AP) – Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell is praising the Supreme Court for overturning his bribery conviction.

McDonnell thanked the justices in a statement for the time and attention they gave to his case. He also thanked those who have supported him and his lawyers who “zealously advocated” his cause.

McDonnell said he has not and would not “betray the sacred trust” of the Virginia people. He said he hopes the matter will soon be over so that he and his family can begin to rebuild their lives.

The case was sent back to lower courts to decide whether prosecutors have enough evidence to try McDonnell again.

McDonnell released the following statement shortly after 1 p.m.:

I express my heartfelt gratitude to the justices of the United States Supreme Court for the time and attention they have given to the law in my case. Today, a unanimous United States Supreme Court Vacated my convictions, and it is a day in which my family and I rejoice and give thanks.

From the outset, I strongly asserted my innocence before God and under the law. I have not, and would not, betray the sacred trust the people of Virginia bestowed upon me during 22 years in elected office.

Over this past 40 months, God strengthened and comforted me through the love and many support of friends, family, and even strangers, through His abundant, miraculous and amazing grace, and through the eternal truths of His holy word.

I am exceptionally grateful to my faithful legal team who zealously advocated my cause at every step, as well as the authors and signers of the 13 excellent amicus briefs that argued for reversal. I thank the many friends and relatives who steadfastly supported my family and me through this time of great uncertainty. Countless people have called, emailed, texted, and came to see me to lend a wise piece of advice, a message of hope, a heartfelt prayer, or a hug. These multiple acts of kindness have become the new tapestry of my life, and have given me a vivid and indelible example of Jesus’ admonition to live by the Golden Rule.

It is my hope that this matter will soon be over and that my family and I can begin to rebuild our lives.

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