Mission group from Johnson City caught up in West Virginia floods

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL-TV) – The flooding in West Virginia has caused some tense moments for members of a local mission group.

Twelve students and six adults are on a mission trip this week in Greenbrier Co., West Virginia, working with Appalachian Service Project (ASP). The group left on Sunday afternoon and were spending the week helping ASP repair homes and do other projects in the West Virginia area. But last night’s heavy rains and flooding caused the group to have to be moved to higher ground.

“There were twelve students and six adults and were having a great experience, a lot of things they had texted back, sent pictures back of ways they were impacting the community in West Virginia, things changed a little bit yesterday.”, says Munsey Senior Pastor Rev. Mark Gooden, “They had flooding in the center they were staying in, had to move to a church, they’re safe everything is good, they have food and water and a roof over their heads. They’re in good shape right now.”

All of them seem to be in good spirits and have been able to stay in contact with the church and their families thru the entire event.

“My daughter is also on the trip, so we’ve been in contact in that regard. They’ve been texting, we still have cell phone service, so we’re able to be in contact thru texting and cell phone service.”, explains Rev. Gooden, “Everybody seems to be working together and responding to a tough situation as all communities are in West Virginia that are impacted by this flood.”

The group left West Virginia this afternoon and are expected to arrive back in town late tonight or on Saturday. They wanted to make sure that it is safe to travel before they leave. The group returned to the center they had to evacuate today to help begin the clean up.

Rev. Gooden says, “I think it will bring a sense of bonding and community, these kids are resilient, they face a lot of things with a lot of good grace and to me I think it’ll be something they look back on “do you remember when?” and it will bring them closer together as a group.”

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