Joey Feek’s daughter thriving at Franklin, TN preschool

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – Their story captured the world’s attention.

So many people followed as country singer Rory Feek documented his final days with his late wife Joey.

She passed after a battle with cancer earlier this year. Since then a lot of people have been wondering how Rory and their daughter Indiana is doing.

Through heartbreak, Rory has shifted his focus to his 2-year-old,. Indiana has Down syndrome and that has her developmentally-delayed.

But just in the last few months, Indiana has made strides towards walking and talking for the first time.

That’s because of High Hopes, a developmental center and preschool out in Franklin, where kids with special needs get to learn and go through therapy all in the same building.

The preschool is inclusive so about 40 percent of these little ones have special needs of all kinds while 60 percent of them are developing typically.

Rory says High Hopes is changing their lives because his wife Joey had originally planned to homeschool Indiana.

“We had plans for how we thought life was going to be but as you know life has not worked out that way. So the next best thing would be to find a great school that she could be a part of,” sayid Feek.

“Once she saw what High Hopes was and what it could be for Indiana she was moved, she was really emotional about it and so was I. It just felt like a loving place where they could handle kids that have unique challenges.”

Before she passed, Joey was able to visit High Hopes and get a look at how well her daughter was going to be taken care of after she was gone.

Rory said dropping Indiana off at school is also putting his life into perspective. He see his daughter go to school with little ones who are in situations he couldn’t even imagine making him feel grateful.

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