Hundreds displaced as crews continue to battle Dog Head wildfire in New Mexico

CHILILI, N.M. (KRQE) – The fire is nearly at 17,000 acres in the Manzanos and has now destroyed at least 24 homes. However, deputies say they expect that number to increase.

Deputies say La Parra Road off Highway 337 is where a lot of homes have been severely damaged or completely lost.

Ash and rubble are left where homes used to stand and power lines were touching the ground.

Hundreds of people are still out of their homes while hundreds more know they could get evacuated at any time.

Torrance County Deputies were on the front line going door to door and telling residents that it is time to leave.

On Friday, Sky News 13 captured homes completely burned to the ground.

A new team was brought in to fight the blaze on Friday. That team is a Type One Management Team that has the best resources to handle large-scale, disastrous wildfires.

Crews are also getting help from “Tatanka Hotshots” out of South Dakota. The Hotshots were battling an Arizona fire but were diverted to New Mexico when the Dog Head Fire burned out of control.

Fire Crews said in the day that they had a handle on the southern end of the fire but then the fire broke through fire lines.

As of Friday afternoon, 300 people are displaced. Power is still shut off to everything north of 55 to Chilili. However, some residents are still refusing to leave there.

Now that the fire has picked back up, a lot of residents are trying to get back into their homes but deputies say they cannot reenter once they have left.

Thursday, fire crews are focusing on the same sort of challenge as Wednesday: heat and wind, this time from the west.

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