Kingsport Town Center’s new owner hopes to revitalize mall

Kingsport Town Center still bares the name, Fort Henry Mall. The new owner is studying the best approach when it comes to branding the mall.

KINGSPORT, TN (WJHL) – Kingsport Town Center now has a new owner/operator. Recently, a company named Hull Property Group bought and took over operations at Kingsport Town Center, also known as Fort Henry Mall.

In recent months, several locally owned stores inside the mall have closed up shop, and the owners of stores that remain told NEws Channel 11, they are seeing less foot traffic.

“We know that there is some competition in the market but believe that there is a niche for us and we really want to work with the tenants that we have,” said Hull Property Group Marketing Director Coles Doyle.

Doyle told News Channel 11, the company owns 25 malls and has plenty of experience when it comes to transforming struggling indoor malls, into viable shopping destinations.

“We believe that we do have the experience and programmatic management approach to operating these properties,” said Doyle.

Doyle said Hull Property Group is considering adding more apparel based retailers, making renovations, and settling on a name.

“I think it should just be the Fort Henry Mall, that’s what it was when I was a kid and that’s what it still says on the mall,” said Legend Sports Co-Owner Galen Ketron.

Ketron has operated a business inside Kingsport Town Center for the past five years,

But within the last years, he has noticed fewer customers.

“A lot of business is being lost to the Pinnacle in Bristol which is crazy because a lot of the customers that come in here, they don’t want to drive all the way to Bristol,” said Ketron.

“The mall is kind of behind the times I guess you could say,” said Ketron.

Ketron told News Channel 11, he is hoping the new owners will renovate the mall and bring in more stores.

Doyle said over the next few weeks, Hull Property Group will study the mall and start determining what types of businesses will be successful there.

Doyle says problems impacting the mall didn’t happen overnight, and finding solutions won’t be easy, but the company is confident that the mall will be successful in the long run.



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