Gov. Haslam signs bill aimed to increase awareness of a little-known disease

File photo, Wikimedia Commons

NASHVILLE, TN (WJHL)- It’s a disease that affects hundreds of babies in Tennessee each year, but only about 10 percent of women have ever heard of it.

Thursday, Tennessee’s governor signed a bill in to law that advocates say will hopefully raise awareness of the virus CMV, which can lead to permanent disability.

If a pregnant woman gets the virus she can pass it to her unborn child which can damage the baby’s brain, eyes, and inner ear.

We talked with one local mom went to Nashville Thursday to see the governor sign the bill she has spent years advocating for.

She lost her daughter to CMV a few years ago.

“Sometimes we don’t know why things happen but I do know that her life did have a purpose and so many people know my daughter Elise’s name just through my efforts to try to educate other people about CMV,” Rebekah McGill said.

The new law encourages doctors to inform at-risk pregnant women about the virus and how to prevent it.

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