Colorado dad runs coast to coast to raise money for Children’s Hospital

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Inspired by his daughter’s medical journey, one Colorado man is running coast to coast. He’s taking on a journey of his own to raise money for the Children’s Hospital of Colorado.

He’s going 3,000 miles through ten states in 60 days and he’s half way there.

Jeremy Bradford said, “It’s been extremely difficult and I guess the hardest part really is the getting up every day and just having to summon up that courage to go out there and do it again and then being able to stop yourself and do it again the next day.”

Starting in Los Angeles and finishing in New York City, he’s running across the country in hopes of raising $10,000.

“Maya was born with a condition called Pierre Robin Sequence and one of the things that that causes is for her jaw to be held back,” said Jeremy.

This was causing her to have issues with breathing and eating.

Jeremy said, “Then at eight months she went back to the Children’s Hospital and visited their cleft palate unit where we saw a bunch of specialists who were able to do surgery on her just as a baby and close the roof of her mouth.”

Now Maya is as healthy as can be. Her and her brother are even running alongside dad when they can as he’s pounding about 50 miles of pavement a day.

“They say he’s crazy,” said Jeremy’s wife Natalie Bradford. “They say he’s crazy but they’re both having a lot of fun doing it.”

They took the kids out of school so they could travel along dad’s journey and explore the many states along the way.

Natalie said, “The whole country is kind of their classroom for the next month so finding that balance between making it fun and interesting and educational for them and making sure that Jeremy is taken care of.”

Only a few hundred people have successfully made the coast to coast jaunt on foot. Jeremy has about 25 days left and he says he’ll run until it’s done.

So far he’s raised about $4,000. If you’d like to donate or follow along Jeremy’s trip head to .

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