Damage and injuries reported after tornadoes touch down in Kansas

SCOTT CITY, Kan. (KSNW) – Severe thunderstorms produced several tornadoes in western Kansas late Tuesday afternoon.  Damage has been reported in several Kansas counties.

Tornado damage near Ensign . (Courtesy: Katelyn Wolfe)
Tornado damage near Ensign . (Courtesy: Katelyn Wolfe)

The first reports of a tornado came in around 4 p.m. in Scott County. A tornado touched down to the west of Scott City just after 4 p.m. and tracked west and northwest of the city. No damage was reported.

Other tornado touchdowns were reported near Dodge City and north of Minneola around 6 p.m. At times, chasers were tracking a large and violent tornado. KSN received reports of at least one home destroyed near Ensign. A rare tornado emergency was issued for Dodge City, but the city escaped the storm. The Kansas Highway Patrol reports damage to structures on Highway 50 west of Dodge City. Officials report a large propane tank is blocking 14th Avenue and Denim Road, and there are power lines down. Highway 50 is closed west of Dodge City to Cimarron. Ford County Emergency Management reports that there are injuries, but the extent of the injuries is unknown. There are no fatalities. KSN News spoke to one resident near Dodge City who watched the tornado form.

“I started seeing some rotation, and with that rotation, a tornado formed and touched down and started and stayed down,” said Logan Davis, Dodge City resident.

Across town, Western Plains Medical Center took precautions when the tornado sirens sounded. The hospital didn’t allow anyone to leave and had to move patients and visitors to a safe place inside the hospital away from windows.

“We have secure hallways, and we’ve put our patients in the secure hallways toward the center of the building,” said John Thompson, Western Plains Medical Center.

Dodge City hail (Courtesy: Michael Pelton)
Dodge City hail (Courtesy: Michael Pelton)

Other counties in the state also reported damage. In Edwards County north of Centerview, a house suffered roof damage after a tornado touch down. Northwest of there, the Hodgeman County Sheriff reports that several farm houses were destroyed and power lines damaged.

Large hail was reported in Dodge City and Liberal.

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