TBI releases new photos of Simpson; search for Carlie Trent continues

Carlie was signed out of school last Wednesday under false pretenses

ROGERSVILLE, TN (WJHL) –  The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation confirmed a possible sighting of  a missing 9-year-old Rogersville girl who was taken from school last week by her uncle, Gary Simpson.

Authorities in Missouri issued an AMBER Alert in the state after a possible van sighting on Monday in the near the Otterville, Missouri.  But Tuesday night, our CBS affiliate in Missouri KMOV reported that the van spotted in Otterville  was not the same van connected to the AMBER Alert case in Rogersville.

Yet, there is still an active AMBER Alert in Tennessee and in Missouri.

Late Tuesday, TBI tweeted new photos of Simpson.

Tennessee authorities say Carlie was signed out of school under false pretenses Wednesday by her non-custodial uncle, 57-year-old Gary Simpson. He is balding, with brown hair and eyes and was last seen wearing a brown cap, a dark-colored shirt, and jeans.

They are traveling in a white 2002 Ram 1500 van with a dark stripe down the middle, with Tennessee license number 173GPS.

A $12,500 reward has been offered for information in the case.

“To Gary Simpson, we would continue to say, if he happens to be watching, we are urging you to come home this afternoon. Your family loves Carlie. They want her home, and they want to see you come back,” said TBI spokesperson, Josh DeVine.

Thursday afternoon, TBI agents released new video of Carlie playing on her dad’s cell phone. Agents hope the video will give a little insight into the girl’s personality.

DeVine told reporters, Tuesday afternoon, he’s asking the public to remain vigilant in the search for Carlie. He’s also asking the community to check their license plates to make sure they had not been replaced with someone else’s.

“When Amber Alerts and these types of situations go on and on, we just want to make sure everyone’s doing their due diligence to make sure their license plate is still there, in the event that perhaps this individual may have changed his license plate,” said DeVine.

This AMBER Alert case is getting attention on the national level. DeVine said police in 11 states are pursuing leads.

Carlie Trent search Continues

“Law enforcement agencies from across the Southeast region are participating in this investigation, so we’ve passed along the information. And whether an agency wants to do their own search, we would encourage that,” said DeVine. “It only takes one tip to bring this kid home. It only takes one tip to crack this thing wide open. So we’re willing to do the work to sift through all of those tips, if it leads us to the one that’s going to bring Carlie home, ”said DeVine.

The TBI says its hotline has been ringing off the hook. But so far, there have not been any credible tips.

“We’ve received at this point more than 600 tips, from all across the Nation. Law enforcement officers from a total of 11 states right now are pursuing reports of sightings. But at this point, there have been no credible sightings.” said DeVine. “We are quickly trying to determine if a lead is worth prioritizing and following up to make sure that we can, hopefully, find them and hopefully have a sighting that leads to a particular area. That way, we can flood it with resources in an attempt to locate this child as quickly as possible.”

Agents believe Carlie may be in imminent danger.

“Time is absolutely of the essence. We absolutely believe that this child is in imminent danger, and that’s why we absolutely want this child home now,” said DeVine. “I say that he’s not armed and dangerous, but who’s to say? Nobody’s seen him since last Wednesday. So, we honestly don’t know with certainty that he’s not armed and dangerous.”

If you spot Carlie, Simpson or the van immediately call 911. If you have tips or clues as to where the two may be located call 1-800-TBI–FIND.

Tuesday morning, TBI agents revealed images of items Gary Simpson purchased at Walmart just before he checked Carlie out of school. He stocked up on several items including a girl’s bathing suit, a pack of underwear, two bottles of nail polish, two tubes of lip gloss, a girl’s camping chair and other items.

TBI agents believe Simpson may have taken his niece to an isolated area like a campground or a park. A $12,500 reward is being offered for information leading to a safe return of Carlie.

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