Stacey Pomrenke requests acquittal, new trial, calls jury pool tainted and biased

ABINGDON, VA (WJHL) – As expected, former Bristol Virginia Utilities’ Chief Financial Officer Stacey Pomrenke has officially asked a judge to acquit her on all 14 of her guilty counts and grant her a new trial. Her attorney filed a motion for acquittal this afternoon, saying “The government has entirely failed to prove any criminal intent on the part of the defendant to all of these counts.”

According to federal court documents, her attorney says for several of the counts federal prosecutors failed to show proof that “the contractor made payments to Ms. Pomrenke with the intent to get something in return from BVU Authority…if anything, these were gratuities and not bribes and thus the government did not prove the necessary elements of these offenses.”

Pomrenke’s attorneys also said prosecutors failed to show “that Ms. Pomrenke performed or promised to perform any official act, either in exchange for something of value or that any individual acted having been induced to do so by wrongful use of fear of economic loss and under color of official right.”

A federal jury found Pomrenke guilty of 14 counts related to the BVU corruption case earlier this year.

Her attorney also filed a request for a new trial today.

According to federal court documents, Pomrenke argues “The jury pool was tainted and obviously biased when the Court refused to exclude any jurors who were BVU customers, thus denying Ms. Pomrenke a fair trial, particularly in light of the fact that the Government argued the effect on rates regarding the alleged acts of the defendant.”

She also claims the court erred when it refused to admit testimony from former BVU Chairwoman Faith Esposito.

Pomrenke is scheduled to be sentenced in June.

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