Scott County, TN deputies investigating possible abuse of 8-month-old

Courtesy: Katrina Beach

HELENWOOD, TN  (WATE) – Social media is bringing awareness to a possible child abuse case in Scott County. On Saturday, the Scott County Sheriff’s Office said they were looking into the situation.

Sheriff Ronnie Phillips said the investigation started when a deputy spotted the child, 8-month-old Miles Ingle, with apparent marks on his face while responding to a domestic dispute at the home. It’s a bit of a different story from what the boy’s mother, Katrina Beach, said on Monday.

Beach said she’s trying to figure out how her baby ended up with apparent bruises on his face. Her boyfriend and a family friend were babysitting for her while she was at work last Friday. When Beach came home, she noticed something wasn’t right with the infant.

“His face was real red and flushed and his whole face here was swollen, his nose, and then as I was looking at him, I was seeing these dark bruises forming on his face,” Beach said.

A Facebook post from Beach’s brother has been spreading all over social media. While it didn’t prompt the investigation, the Scott County Sheriff’s Office did respond to it on their own Facebook page saying, “these cases are very serious and we take them very serious.”

So far, no one has been charged in the case. Along with the Scott County Sheriff’s Office, a spokesman for the Department of Children’s Services confirmed they’re also looking into what happened.

“I never thought that it would happen. I was never prepared to come in from work that day and see my child’s face like that,” Beach said.

Beach has a few ideas of what may have happened, but she’s waiting for authorities to finish their investigation first. She wants the person responsible to be brought to justice.

“I just hope everything works out for the best and I just want what’s right for my son,” Beach said.

The child has been placed with a relative, according to Rob Johnson, spokesman for the Department of Children’s Services.

Beach said that relative is her brother who posted the Facebook post that’s been seen by many in the community.


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