People in Bluff City march for racial equality

BLUFF CITY, TN (WJHL)- Dozens of people gathered in Bluff City Saturday in an effort to fight for racial equality.

One of the organizers, Carol Keith, said she has been fighting for this cause for years.


Keith said for her it started back in 2013 after she, and others were forced to close the doors of their church in Bluff City because of ongoing harassment, and the use of racial slurs.

She said racism is something she wants to continue to bring attention to within the community.

“We come together as a community and friends to stand against racism you know we can’t do anything about yesterday, today is a new day, and we can make things better for tomorrow,” Keith said.

We also spoke to other organizers like Nathan Farnor who explained why he came out to the march on Saturday.

“You can’t stand back and be silent, silence in itself is saying you are okay with it so even if its on social media or if its just talking to your friends when you hear racist remarks, every little bit counts,” Farnor said.

Bluff City Police officers were on hand to guide the marchers and said they were there to make sure everybody stayed safe.

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