Major repair complete, but Boil Water Alert continues in Hampton

HAMPTON, TN  (WJHL) –  Hampton Utility officials say a major repair is complete, but water customers still need to boil their water before using it throughout the weekend.

That update came Friday night from Linda Guy, office manager for the utility district who said the Tennessee Department of Water Quality is the only agency that can lift the boil water notice.

Residents in Hampton woke up to no water Friday morning after the entire system had been drained of water after an equipment failure at the main pump house.

Pressure from the burst water pump blew open a metal door at the main pump house. (Source: Ted Overbay, WJHL)

With the tanks drained, crews had to build up the water supply before sending out water again. According to Hampton Utilities, it may take up to three days to restore the system to full pressure and fill the reserve tank.

Friday morning, pressure from the burst water pump blew open a metal door at the main pump house. Crews were able to replace a broken part to the valve at the main pump house around 5:40 a.m.

News Channel 11 was told, the ruptured water line  brought the water pressure down to zero pounds.

The Hampton Utility District reports, after the repairs at the main pump house that water is now pumping through the water lines.6003961E1FF44508933101C5F1C04407

At of 8:30 a.m.,  the water pressure was reported at just above 50 pounds and climbing, but the utility is asking customers to please continue to conserve water to help his process move along smoothly.

“With the customers’ assistance with conservation of usage, the system may take three days to fully restore pressure to over one hundred twenty pounds pressure and full reserve tank storage,” said a utility district spokesperson.

They recommend that you disconnect your water heater as a precaution.

Both Hampton Elementary and Hampton High School closed for the day.


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