Lack of TN Ready testing leaves educators in the lurch


TENNESSEE (WJHL)- After announcing the cancellation of TN Ready testing in third through eighth grades earlier this week, teachers are now trying to fill in the gaps while local lawmakers are urging that the test vendor is held accountable.

Measurement Inc., the testing vendor that was contracted to provide the exams for TN Ready, failed to prepare and administer state tests after the company’s online testing program crashed. This issue left students with no way to take the exams that were scheduled to begin this upcoming Monday. WRITING STUDENT

Now both lawmakers and educators say they’re hoping for better results in the future. Representative Mathew Hill said, “What’s really frustrating is the teachers have done their job, they’ve gotten the students prepared and ready to take the test, the students have done their job, they’ve gotten ready to take their tests … but the company, measurement inc. could not deliver.”

Measurement Inc. “could not deliver with the computer version of the test and they couldn’t deliver with the paper version of the test,” he said.

Indian Trail Intermediate School’s Assistant Principal Dr. Donna Morgan said, “I think that our students were really prepared for the tests.” “It’s mixed emotions with students right now, some are going ‘Woo, I’m so relieved’ and some are disappointed and saying ‘I was ready to take the test’,” she said.

STUDENTSSchool administrators, like Morgan, say teachers are making the most of an unfortunate situation.

Morgan said, “The teachers are jumping in and started putting plans together the minute t hat we knew it wasn’t going to happen.” “They’ve put together some creative units and things so they’re going to continue to keep the students engaged because it’s really important that we finish strong,” she said.

Hill proposes that the state seeks new opportunities for future tests. He said, “I would like to see the Department of Education come up with our own state proprietary test so they would be state initiated, state developed, and state-owned. Can you imagine how much money we would save?”

Educators, like Morgan, say that, regardless of how they are administered, tests are still needed in the future.  Morgan said, “We have to have something to show that students have grown from the beginning of the year to the end of the year and right now testing is the product that we use.”

Tennessee’s Department of Education told News Channel 11 that the state has only paid Measurement Inc. for services that it has actually provided.

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