Former TVA manager admits to selling nuclear information to China

TVA Headquarters in Downtown Knoxville

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – In a federal plea agreement unsealed Friday, a Tennessee Valley Authority employee plead guilty to travelling to China to provide the Chinese government with nuclear information.

Ching Ning Guey plead guilty on April 17, 2015. From 2010-2014 Guey worked as a senor manager for Tennessee Valley Authority’s Probabilistic Risk Assessment for Browns Ferry, Sequoyah and Watts Bar nuclear power plants.

According to the plea agreement, Guey was paid by Chinese owned PRC nuclear power company to travel to China from November 25-29, 2013 and exchange information. The information was related to the development and use of technology associated with light and heavy water reactors.

Szuhisiung Ho (source: Knox County Detention Center)
Szuhisiung Ho (source: Knox County Detention Center)

Wednesday, a Szuhisiung Ho, a U.S. nuclear engineer born in China, was plead not guilty in a Knoxville court and and waived his right to a detention hearing. According to indictments, Ho allegedly approached and enlisted U.S. based nuclear experts, including Guey, at the direction of Chinese-state-owned nuclear power company to provide assistance in developing and producing special nuclear material in China.

The indictment says Ho is a nuclear engineer employed by China General as a senior adviser and is also owner of Delaware-based Energy Technology International. Ho, along with both companies, are charged with conspiring to produce nuclear material in China.

Ho’s trial was set for June 27 in Knoxville. He is currently in custody in a Knox County detention facility.

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