Alcoa police use overdose antidote for first time, save woman

Woman was found in Alcoa Highway hotel room with small child

ALCOA (WATE) – Alcoa police used the potentially lifesaving drug Naloxone, also known as Narcan, for the first time Monday to revive a 45-year-old woman believed to be suffering from a drug overdose.

Sgt. Doug Sparks and Officer Alexis Rodriguez were dispatched to a hotel on Alcoa Highway around 2 a.m. Monday morning after they got a 911 call with no response on the other end. Officers checked with the desk clerk and were able to locate the room from which the call was made.

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The officers saw a partially open door and knocked, but got no response. They then peeked inside and found a small child asleep on a bed and a woman slumped over in the floor. The officers went in and tried to wake the woman to no avail. She had a pulse, but was turning blue and would occasionally gasp for air. The officers were beginning to perform CPR when they noticed a syringe under her leg. They then immediately gave her a dose of Naloxone and she began waking up shortly thereafter.

Rural/Metro took the woman to Blount Memorial Hospital. The child was released to the father.

Alcoa Police Department issued Naloxone kits to all of its officers in January. It is used to reverse overdoses from heroin or other opioid based drugs.

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