TN act moves to allow Power Board to separate from Johnson City

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL)- The Johnson City Power Board is one step closer to becoming its own authority. Members of the Tennessee House Of Representatives voted in favor of the Municipal Energy Authority Act on Thursday. If passed, the act would allow JCPB to separate from the city of Johnson City and become its own entity.jcpb

JCPB CEO Jeff Dykes said, “It really puts us in a position where as an authority, we have opportunities that we do not have as a municipal.” “Those are public-private ventures such as with solar that we’re looking to do at Silicone Ranch and installing a solar farm,” he said.

The Senate still has to approve the proposal and the Johnson City Commission would have to vote to approve the authority. If created, the authority would still function as a not-for-profit agency.

“We want to be the company that is doing the things that are best for our customers but will allow us to grow as a business and grow as an entity to where what we do brings even more benefit to our customers,” Dykes said.

He added that the separation wouldn’t cause any changes in customer service and rates but would give JCPB more opportunities to grow their energy saving initiatives.

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