Earnhardt, Jr. talks about banana and mayo sandwich craze

BRISTOL, TN (WJHL-TV) – The banana and Hellmann’s mayonnaise snack craze has hit an all-time high after NASCAR Sprint Cup Series star Dale Earnhardt Jr. tweeted out his love of the sandwich on Tuesday.

“The whole thing was completely organic, I was sitting there bored with a little time on my hands in between taking some pictures at a Hellmann’s photo shoot and they always had me make this sandwich at the photo shoots and it was laying there, it was a prop, they were sort of preparing for a picture, and I took a picture of it and tweeted it.”, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Said this morning at a media briefing, “I had no idea that that was going to take off like it did.”

Fans from NASCAR nation were quick to recreate the sandwich and post their experiences of this unique item.

Earnhardt added, “The thing is, 25% of the country knew exactly what I was taking about, and the rest were completely disgusted.”, which brought a round of laughter from the gathered media, “It got a lot of attention and I think the “disgust” really is what drove the tweet viral. But it had everybody’s attention. I called Mike Davis and I said, “it seems silly to let this fizzle out and not seize this opportunity to do something good, and we do these JRM360s every week and he’s always having a hard time and fussing about not being able to come up with some good ideas so we thought we could make one in 24 hours about this sandwich and raise some money for one of the charities.”

Donations from fans started pouring in at “dalejrsandwich.com” and so far they have raised over $45,000. Dale Jr. and Hellmann’s both kicked in $50,000 each to make the total of $145,000 so far for Blessings in a Backpack which is one of the charities that The Dale Jr. Foundation helps out.

Bristol Motor Speedway jumped on board and will be selling these sandwiches during the Food City 500 race weekend. The cost of the Dale Jr. banana and Hellmann’s mayo sandwich is $4 with $1 of every sandwich sold going to The Dale Jr. Foundation.

“We’re always challenged to try to increase what we’re doing in our foundation year after year and find new ways and new initiatives, and this was like on a silver latter.”, Earnhardt added, “It was like “let’s just do this” and hopefully it’s going to work, the response from the fans, as far as donations, has been amazing and also where you have things like this where the tracks are doing their own thing, and it’s helping people, so it’s been an amazing thing.”

If you are interested in trying one of these sandwiches, visit the concession stand in the Family Section of Waltrip Grandstand, just inside Gate 14 to the left.

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