Controversial Bible bill could still become official book of Tennessee

(Andrew Writer/Flickr Commons CC BY 2.0) MANDATORY CREDIT

NASHVILLE, TN (WJHL)- Supporters of the proposed Bible bill still have the opportunity to make the Bible the official book of Tennessee. Republican Governor Bill Haslam has vetoed the controversial Bible bill citing that approving the bill would “trivialize the bill

Haslam also said it goes against constitutional rights to accept the Bible as the official book of Tennessee. Even though Haslam has vetoed the bill that seeks to make Tennessee the first state to designate the Bible as its official book, the discussion surrounding the measure is far from over.

Both the Haslam and the state’s attorney general say the bill would violate the Tennessee and U.S. constitution and some Tri-Cities residents, like Bob Sams, seem to agree.

Sams said, “I can see his point as to where, if you accept the Bible and its entire contents, as I do and if you get into the politics of it then you’ll have other religions say well, that ought to be my book.

The legislature isn’t planning to adjourn for the year until next week, so there is still enough time for supporters to try to override the veto, which only requires majorities in both chambers of the Tennessee General Assembly.

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