Colossus-TV could mean big things for the future of Bristol Motor Speedway

BRISTOL, TN (WJHL)- The “Last Great Colosseum” boasts a new addition for racing in 2016, that will give fans an even closer view of action on the track.

Colossus-TV has four, three story tall screens and weighs 700 tons. With 485 new speakers, the track will now have surround sound.

“Now a race fan will not be more than 90 feet away from a speaker, no matter where they’re sitting, there’s not a bad seat in the house,” Bristol Motor Speedway General Manager Jerry Caldwell said.

According to BMS, the cables to hold Colossus-TV up are bigger than the cables supporting the Golden Gate Bridge.

“It was millions and millions of dollars spent really just for the race fans,” Caldwell said. “It truly is the Last Great Colosseum now with a high definition TV and surround sound.”

Bristol Motor Speedway’s owner Bruton Smith said no expense was spared in making Colossus a reality.

“I think all the people coming this week and seeing the race, it’s in action now, they’re going to look at it with disbelief, they’re going to home talking to themselves. This is an awesome thing, it really is unbelievable,” Smith said.

“It’s pretty amazing, that thing hanging in the middle of the race track. That ought to be an experience the fans will never forget,” NASCAR hall of famer Darrell Waltrip said.

Waltrip said looking back it’s amazing to see how far this track has come. “I’ve been coming here since 1973 I think it was and this place seated maybe 18, 20,000 people, all over on the front straightaway with a little press box upstairs, to see how it’s evolved,” Waltrip said.

With this investment BMS is looking forward.

“There’s any number of things that could take place here, it could be music, it could be other sporting events, could be other types of entertainment,” Caldwell said. “Obviously the football games later this year, two of them, but we’re, we got some other thing we’re discussing with folks and we’ll see what comes about.”

And though this opens up a door for other events here at the track, BMS leaders say Colossus was built first and foremost for the race fans.

“Making sure that this facility rivals any in the world,” Caldwell said. With the largest and highest quality outdoor screen in the world right here in Bristol, no matter how far race fans have traveled it’s a guarantee they’ve never seen a TV like this.

Companies involved in the build featured audiovisual experts, such as GoVision, Community Professional Loudspeakers, Point Source and Panasonic Enterprise Solutions; contractors including Hayward Baker Geotechnical Constructors, Baker’s Construction Services, Rentenbach and EA Electric; Barnhart Crane & Rigging, and the entire BMS operations staff.

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