State education leaders shorten “TN Ready” standardize testing

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – A month after the first phase of the TNReady standardize test, educators are already making significant changes.

“The testing is bulky, it takes too much instruction time,” Ann Godfrey said.

Those changes which include reducing the Math and English portions of the test are like music to Ann Godfrey’s ears. She has two children who attend Science Hill High school in Johnson City.

“I believe for students to do their best 150 minutes a time is too long to ask a student to concentrate one one topic,” Godfrey said.

On average students in grades 3 through 5 will spend about 11 hours taking the test in Math, English, and Social Studies. Middle grade students will spend a little over 11 and half hours while high school students will spend 12 hours taking the test.

Recent changes are expected to reduce these numbers and give students more instruction time in the classroom.

“We are very encouraged by what we are hearing from Nashville regarding next year’s TN Ready,” Dr. Debra Bentley said.

Dr. Debra Bentley with Johnson City public schools says, students are preparing to handle the changes. Earlier this year students had to quickly revert back to paper tests after state-wide computer system failure.

“We have to be prepared for quick changes and adaptations which we had to do this year,” Dr. Bentley said.

Students will begin phase two of the TN Ready test later this month.

School leaders advise parents to make sure that their children get plenty of rest the night before testing, eat a healthy breakfast, and arrive to school on time.

Ann Godfrey says this change is exactly why its important for parents to be involved.

“We need to continue to educate ourselves on what the test is covering and how much instruction time is being used to administer the test,” Godfrey said.

The state has not made a decision about the length of the social studies test or whether the tests will be online or on paper next school year.

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