One Bluff City BMA member resigns, another walks out during meeting Tuesday night

BLUFF CITY, TN (WJHL)- A Tri-Cities area Board of Mayor and Alderman meeting came to an abrupt end Tuesday night after one person resigned, and another walked out.


Frustration was felt both inside and outside of the BMA meeting as people in the Sullivan County town held signs outside town hall and said they wanted to see change in their local government.

“We want justice, and we want a change in Bluff City,” Kimberly Arrwood said.

The source of their frustration was hard to pinpoint.

Some people were pointing to questionable town services, like a sewage leak that spewed into a local lake and is now the focus of a lawsuit.

Others were pointing to infighting at town hall and a lack of leadership and unity.

Our camera crews were outside speaking with protesters when we got word that Alderwoman Tanya Cordle resigned within minutes of the start of the meeting.


We were able to catch up with Cordle about an hour after the meeting ended.

“I keep hitting brick walls, with the board that’s there right now that I’m not any use up on the board,” Cordle said.

Cordle said she hit her breaking point Tuesday night when she discovered there were no longer citizen comments on the board meeting minutes.

“The citizens voices should be heard by everyone,” Cordle said.

Cordle’s exit was not the only one of the night.

Alderwoman Sandra Madison also walked out during the meeting, which ultimately brought the entire meeting to a close.

“We didn’t have a quorum, and we had other business to cover, so its really sad,” Irene Wells said.

Some residents we spoke to at the meeting like Steven Gardner were not happy with the way things ended.

“No one ever comes together, nothing ever gets resolved because there is always so much in fighting,” Gardner said.

Cordle herself admitted she wished there would have been a different outcome.

“In a way I do wish I would have handled it in a different way instead of getting up and walking out,” Cordle said.

While she said she is sticking to her resignation, she said it would not be the end of her story.

“There are elections next year, this is not the last they will see of me,” Cordle said.

We were able to reach Alderwoman Sandra Madison by phone Tuesday night after the meeting who said she fell ill and that is why she left.

Madison added that she is in now way resigning from the board.

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