Elizabethton city council member arrested for DUI over the weekend

FILE PHOTO: Richard Tester
42-year-old David Tester, Carter County Sheriff's Office
42-year-old David Tester, Carter County Sheriff’s Office

ELIZABETHTON, TN (WJHL)- Sunday morning Elizabethton Police Captain Art Smithdeal confirmed with News Channel 11 that City Council member Richard Tester was arrested by Elizabethton Police for DUI, and violation of implied consent law.


Captain Smithdeal said Tester was arrested sometime Saturday night and taken to the Carter County jail.

News Channel 11 reached out to Richard Tester who sent us the following statement on Sunday morning:

“The is very unfortunate and regret that this has happened.”

We also reached out to Elizabethton Mayor Curt Alexander Sunday afternoon.

Alexander said he received the news about Tester’s arrest late Saturday night.

“It was obviously a shock, and you know a little bit of disappointment because you don’t want anything like that to happen to people you work with very closely especially someone that cares for the community like Mr. Tester Does. What we have to remember is that he is human, we as humans make mistakes,” Alexander said.

We asked Alexander if Tester’s arrest is something that will be brought up at the next city council meeting.

‘Absolutely not, anything that is ongoing is someone’s personal life has nothing to do with what we do as far as city council,” Alexander said.

Mayor Alexander also said they will continue to support Tester moving forward.

“He is part of our organization, part of the city government, and we will support him throughout this process, and at the end of this process we will support him you know whatever the outcome is,” Alexander said.

No further details were available about his arrest on Sunday.

Keep checking back with News Channel 11 on air and online for more information.

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