Judge dismisses Johnson City lawsuit claiming two people buried in one grave

Shirika Mayo was buried in Westlawn Cemetery after her death on March 21, 2008.

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL)  – A lawsuit filed by a Johnson City woman claiming another person was buried in her daughter’s grave has been dismissed in court.

Sherri Mayo sued West Lawn Cemetery and Valley Funeral home in March 2015 after she said she discovered disturbed earth over her daughter’s grave and another person’s headstone placed directly in front of her daughter’s grave marker.

Mayo’s daughter Shirika died in December 2013 and was buried in West Lawn Cemetery.

Mayo told News Channel 11 she complained to the cemetery’s management after discovering the disturbed ground and headstone but didn’t get answers.

Mayo said she and family members couldn’t help but suspect someone else had been buried in Shirika’s grave, possibly the person whose headstone had been placed in front of Shirika’s   “It’s like somebody had dug and put a body there, like somebody put a body on top of my baby girl.”

The lawsuit sought $200,000 in damages.

On Thursday, Judge Eddie Lauderback dismissed the lawsuit. Mayo’s attorney Tom Jessee signed the order of voluntary dismissal. But when News Channel 11 contacted Mayo Thursday, she said she was not aware the lawsuit was being dismissed and that no one had contacted her to explain what happened to her daughter’s grave.

As of Thursday night, calls to Mayo’s attorney Jessee’s office had not been returned.

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