Nashville man shot after drawing weapon at US Capitol

Larry Russell Dawson (Courtesy: Facebook)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The man who allegedly drew a gun at the U.S. Capitol on Monday has been identified by national and local media as Larry Russell Dawson of Antioch.

He was taken to a hospital in DC after he allegedly attempted to enter the Capitol Visitor Center security screening facility at 2:40 p.m., according to the United States Capitol Police Board.

Capitol Police said shots were fired, and Dawson was apprehended within minutes. It’s unclear at this time how many times he was shot or where he was hit.

In a statement to Capitol staff, officials also say a bystander was injured and treated for non-life threatening injuries.

The incident led to a total lockdown of the Capitol as both staff and visitors were told to shelter in place.

Larry Russell Dawson (Courtesy: Facebook)
Larry Russell Dawson (Courtesy: Facebook)

News 2 did some digging and found records indicate that a Larry R. Dawson lives at an address in Antioch.

A man who neighbors said was Dawson’s son-in-law was outside the house Monday but would not comment on the shooting.

The same address was also found listed as the St. Luke’s Community Church,whose website lists Dawson as the pastor.

The website also states Dawson has been to Washington three times last year to ask Congress to approve a higher minimum wage.

According to CNN, Dawson was issued a “stay away order” by the D.C. Superior Court last October following an outburst in the House of Representatives chamber. CNN says he “…loudly stated to Congress he was a ‘Prophet of God,’” during that incident.

News 2 also found our very own Andy Cordan interviewed Dawson exclusively back in 2003 and was the only news station there when he was arrested by Franklin police for allegedly writing inappropriate letters to a girl who was underage.

In those letters, Dawson reportedly refers to himself as prophet of God, saying the young girl was chosen to be his wife and bear his baby. The letters also allegedly say he was willing to do something daring and even fight for the girl.

Dawson, who was driving a school bus in Williamson County at the time, was charged with harassment in writing.

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