Egg cracking tradition continues in Peters Hollow

CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL)– Some Carter County residents have a unique way of spending Easter Sunday.

Hundreds of people flock to Peters Hollow every year for the Peters Hollow egg fight. But participants don’t throw the eggs, they tap them.

According to Norman Peters, 193 years ago two farmers in Carter County had an argument about whose hen laid the hardest egg. The fight began as a way to settle that argument.

“It’s good, clean, family fun,” said participant, Chuck Hyder.

As it exists today,  each fighter is allowed to bring six dozen hard-boiled chicken eggs. The object is to crack the shell of an opponent’s egg. Once the top and bottom of an egg have been cracked, that egg is discarded. The battle continues until one of the competitors has no eggs left.

There are multiple theories on the key to having the hardest egg.HOLLOW

“I have 5 chickens, and one of them lays a really dark brown egg,” said egg fight winner, Carson Peters. “Usually the darker the egg,  the harder they are.”

Multiple sources said store bought chicken eggs are too soft for the fierce competition.

“The special key is to find farmers that feed their chickens special things… like oyster shells,” said Norman Peters.

Norman said, the fight is more than just a competition. It’s an Easter tradition that wont be broken anytime soon.

“I think once people come and see what’s going on, they love it and they keep coming back,” he said.

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