Johnson City’s crime reduction grant will expire at the end of March

Soon Johnson City's Targeted Community Crime Reduction Project grant will expire.

JOHNSON CITY (WJHL) – In less than two weeks, an $800,000 grant used to fight crime in Johnson City will expire.

Back in 2013, Johnson City was awarded the Targeted Community Crime Reduction Project (TCCRP) grant. Johnson City’s TCCRP Director Becky Haas told News Channel 11, community leaders used grant funds to create several public safety community programs.

“We took two neighborhoods that had historically high crime and we implemented with community partners 19 different programs,” said Haas.

Haas said through research, the city identified downtown and the residential area near Lamont St. and Wilson Ave. as places where public safety was a concern.

Haas said TCCRP allowed the city to buy 14 new street lights, create a downtown merchants organization, and increase police patrols downtown and in the Mountain Home area (Lamont St, Wilson Ave, etc.).

“We’ve been able to engage our extra enforcement efforts in those areas we’ve been able to make numerous arrests, take some drug dealers off of the streets,” said Johnson City Police Department Lt. Scotty Carrier.

At the end of March, the TCCRP grant will expire, but Haas told News Channel 11, community support will sustain them.

“Of all the 19 programs they’re all going to continue forward,” said Haas.

Haas said one of the programs implemented using the grant funds was the Day Reporting Center, a probation program that helps high risk offenders.

Haas said the day reporting center is receiving statewide attention and some state leaders are looking at expanding that program to other communities in Tennessee.


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