46 sheep stolen from Hawkins County family

HAWKINS COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL)– A Hawkins County family lost their sheep, and doesn’t know where to find them.

According to a Hawkins County police report, 46 sheep were stolen from Valhalla Organics in the middle of the night on March 22nd, while the family was asleep.

The owner of the farm thinks the vandals knew what they were doing, because they were able to get through the electric fence and cart the sheep away.

The police report said the 46 sheep were worth more than 16,000 dollars.

The owner of the farm said they might have to sell the entire farm, because they depend on the revenue the sheep bring during the Easter holiday.

The owner’s daughter, Faun Hollingsworth said the sheep are the farm’s main source of income, especially around the holiday.

“Easter is important because it is a religious holiday, and the sheep go for 4 or more dollars a pound,” said Hollingsworth. “They are 350 dollars each on average, and they were all pregnant Ewes.”

If you have any information on who might have taken the livestock, you are asked to call the Hawkins County Sheriff’s department at (423) 272-4848.

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