Two car wash employees fired after two similar crashes injured co-workers

KINGSPORT, TN (WJHL)- Two car wash employees involved in two similar crashes just days apart have been fired, according to Wayne Deere, the owner of Southern Classic Auto Wash in Colonial Heights.

According to Kingsport Police, on March 10th an employee drove a customer’s truck through the car wash, and hit a co-worker, who is still in the hospital Monday.

Then eight days later, according to police, another employee was driving a van through the car wash in to a drying area and struck another worker and two cars, kept going, went over a dirt embankment and struck two more vehicles.

According to the police report, the employee driving on March 18th said his feet were wet when he hit the gas to pull forward and lost control.

Deere said he is sick over the situation. He also said after 25 years in business and millions of cars washed, they’ve barely ever scratched a car.

He said he doesn’t understand why or how two crashes in a week happened at his car wash.

The employee driving the vehicle in the first crash on March 10th was driving on a revoked license, according to police.

Deere said when he was hired he had a valid license.

The police reports say both crashes caused thousands of dollars worth of damages to the vehicles involved.

Deere said he wants to apologize to the public and everyone involved.

According to police, once the drivers’ blood work gets back from the lab, police will consult with the District Attorney’s office on how to move forward.

So far police have not filed any charges in either crash.

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