Man accused of hog-tying ex-wife given May bond hearing date

(Source: Washington County Sheriff's Office)

WASHINGTON COUNTY, TN (WJHL) –Luis Olivera appeared in court this morning.

Olivera is charged with aggravated kidnapping and false imprisonment for hog-tying his ex-wife in her home in December.

Olivera was later arrested in Memphis while on his way back to his home in California.

During the preliminary hearing in January, Olivera’s ex-wife, who had a black eye and a shoulder in a sling, took the stand testifying that she does not remember anything from the day before or after the incident.

She testified that she remembered police and emergency crews being at her home, but thought she was in a car accident.

An officer also took the stand and said once police got inside the home during the day of the crime, Olivera’s name was written on the wall with blood and they found the victim hog-tied face down.

Olivera will be in court again on May 9th for a bond hearing.


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