“Pass the bottle” bill fails in Nashville Tuesday, Rep. Lundberg not giving up

BRISTOL, TN (WJHL)-For years now Representative Jon Lundberg of Bristol, Tennessee has tried to make a case on why Tennessee passengers shouldn’t be allowed to pass the bottle.

On Tuesday in Nashville Lundberg’s bill failed again, this time in the State Government Subcommittee.

“The emotion is pretty simple, its just frustration,” Lundberg said.


Lundberg said he is frustrated because this is a bill that could free up millions of dollars in federal transportation money every year.

“This year is about 18.5 million dollars, the government takes it away and they give it back to us, or at least a portion of it, and say you can only use it for the governor highway safety traffic programs,” Lundberg said.

Representative Lundberg said the vote Tuesday was 3-2.

He said one of the “no” votes came from a representative in our region.

“Bud Hulsey, who represents Kingsport, voted no,” Lundberg said.

When we spoke to Hulsey over the phone Tuesday he said it was a decision he went back and forth on.

“Do I take away somebody’s liberty to do that sitting in the backseat while they are going to a UT football game or not? Do we preserve that liberty or do we take it away,” Hulsey said.

Despite being turned down time and time again, Representative Lundberg said it is a fight that is far from over.

“Its like wine in grocery stores, it took a long time for that to succeed but I think its when you do what right, what’s logical, and makes sense, its one of those I want to keep trumpeting that until it passes,” Lundberg said.

Representative Lundberg said he was surprised by Representative Hulsey’s vote.

When we spoke to Representative Hulsey he said it would take more facts and data in order to change his mind on the fact that drivers are impacted by passengers being allowed to have open containers in the car.

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