VIDEO: Construction on Colossus TV still underway at BMS

BRISTOL (WJHL) – Construction of Colossus TV at Bristol Motor Speedway is on schedule and is still set to be complete by the Food City 500 race next month.

The world’s largest outdoor center-hung video screen now has the halo support structure in place.

Bristol Motor Speedway General Manager Jerry Caldwell says this project has been quite an undertaking, “This has been years in planning, we’ve had engineers all over the world studying this and making sure that we doubled and tripled and quadrupled and then on checked the engineering but it has been a huge process and it’s really neat and exciting to see these guys pulling it together.  They’ve built scale models that I’ve seen over in their engineering offices just so they can explain how this is going to work.  To hear that we’re building 200 foot towers, give or take, and running 3 1/2 inch support cable, suspension bridge cable, out into the middle, 600 feet and holding up a halo that will then hold Colossus for our new TV screens, it’s easy to say that, but really appreciate it, you’ve got to come out and see it and when you see it, you’ll be blown away.”


Crews hung it on Monday approximately 155-feet in the air to have support cables attached and they continue to install the 540,000 watt, 428 speaker sound system.

The next phase of construction is to assemble the gondola on the ground before it attaches to the halo.

Caldwell says there is another fan-friendly addition that kind of gets lost in all the Colossus TV talk, “We’re also putting in an entirely new sound system, a lot of times this whole new surround sound system gets lost in the talk of Colossus but that’s going to make a tremendous impact as well.”

A team of nearly 40 people and five cranes are working daily on this project to ensure it is completed on time.  Caldwell says everything is moving along right on schedule, “We are on schedule, this weather, we certainly do appreciate, helps out the process, but we are on schedule.”

The Food City 500 race weekend is only 34 days away and Caldwell says the BMS fans will love the new additions, “The loyal fans that come to Bristol year after year from all over the country, and really all over the world, I think they’ll know “That’s Bruton”.  Bruton does things for the race fans, and building the world’s largest center, outdoor, hung screen in the middle of the race track with an all new sound system, only Bruton Smith would do that when you’ve got a sound system and screens already, he wants to make it bigger and better for the race fans and that’s what we’re doing.”

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